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Gonzo journalism, Investigative, General Assignment, Entertainment, Spoof news, Opinion and Editorial, Travel, Politics, Video Games, Disability, LGBT, audiobook reviews, Human interest, Technology, Metro Chicago and Crime and Justice.

Doesn’t Cover: money managers, lists, on-page seo, education policy, SEO, fashion, top ten lists, education advice, finances, international affairs, best of lists, how-to articles, food recipes, gossip.


I am an accomplished author, journalist and editor with experience in many different arenas of journalism and publishing.

I have published books. Fiction and nonfiction.

I was also featured in several anthologies.

Writing for the Chicago Gazette, I tackled many beats including education, Metro Chicago, business, sports, politics, obituaries, and more.

My Vice interview about a comic store for the blind got a LOT of traction.

I am a syndicated dating columnist.

One of my personal essays helped game developers take design elements into account when creating games.

I have blogged for the Huffington Post.

I published an article helping writers find paying magazines online

I had a letter to the editor published in the Chicago Tribune.

I broke the PS4 accessibility story on IGN

I crafted a viral human interest story about Skyrim

One of my human interest stories about HIV was featured on the front page for two weeks

I did an investigative article on a kickstarter project

I investigated the shutting down of IP Relay

I was featured in several magazines including A&U Magazine, Writers Digest Magazine, and others.

I have written news and features extensively for Chicago Inside, Covering beats that I knew nothing about to better my reporting.


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