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I am an accomplished author, with experience in many different arenas of publishing.

Favorite fiction and nonfiction is on the highlights section of this page.

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Here’s some fiction and nonfiction selections I like to brag about. In addition to the below, I published in many other publications.

Fiction highlights.

  1. Artificial Divide
  2. Community of Magic Pens.
  3. I reject A Series of Unfortunate Events in Writer’s Digest Magazine
  4. A Deserving Conference by Robert Kingett
  5. I Forget You’re Blind.

Nonfiction highlights.

  1. Game PR and accessibility guide.
  2. PS4 2.50 to get first time accessibility features.
  3. When I Lost My Sight, I Found Podcasts.
  4. About me in my own words.
  5. Grand Theft Accessibility: A Mod to Make GTA V Blind Friendly
  6. 6 Anthologies Written By Disabled People.
  7. Mortified appearances
  8. Audible Exclusives limit disabled audiobook fans like me.
  9. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Making Me Time
  10. An Open Letter From A Disabled Comrade

Writing updates.

Here’s some recent writing updates. Read all writing updates here.

  1. Books to understand me.
  2. Some tips for Blind Audio Description writers
  3. Falling into romance writing.
  4. About me in my own words.
  5. Updates only and author harassment

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