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  1. Mastodon for writers and readers
  2. Mortified 2022 reading
  3. An Open Letter From A Disabled Comrade
  4. Supporting writers without breaking the bank
  5. Artificial Divide launch event
  6. Updates only and author harassment
  7. How self descriptions benefit Blind and sighted.
  8. New accessibility efforts
  9. 2021 highlights
  10. Airpods 3 are great for the Blind
  11. Online pitch events help writers and readers.
  12. Locker 13
  13. Spoilers could empower readers
  14. How to support writers without buying books
  15. Adventure Beasts and Audio Description Verbs.

Inclusive events.

the below showcases the most recent inclusive events. Inclusive events have captions, sign language interpreters, and other inclusive practices.

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Inclusive media.

The below showcases some multimedia interviews with captions and transcripts. The below doesn’t include all media appearances.

Other portfolio stuff.

Portfolio items hold news appearances, sensitivity reading projects, and more. View the full portfolio archive.