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  1. Books to understand me.
  2. NewDay trailers
  3. Using indie publishers with a literary agent.
  4. Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready Season 2
  5. Fearless.
  6. Brian Regan: On the Rocks
  7. Adventure Beasts
  8. Some tips for Blind Audio Description writers
  9. Hosting an inclusive open mic series.
  10. Falling into romance writing.
  11. How plain language books increase readership
  12. I Forget You’re Blind.
  13. About me in my own words.
  14. Mortified appearances
  15. Why I read banned books.

Inclusive events.

the below showcases the most recent inclusive events. Inclusive events have captions, sign language interpreters, and other inclusive practices.

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Inclusive media.

The below showcases some multimedia interviews with captions and transcripts. The below doesn’t include all media appearances.

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