About Robert Kingett

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I steal rainbow tinged cookies from unsuspecting glittering cats in my spare time.

From Men in motion feature. 2020.

Robert Kingett is a totally blind author and accessibility advocate. He writes fiction and nonfiction but is often involved in many consulting positions. He contributes to many research papers in his spare time.

Even though Kingett works on several short stories and many books alongside editing anthologies he always makes time to read a book or check out a podcast. He loves audio books, fiction podcasts, and movies and TV shows with audio description.

Kingett has Cerebral Palsy, CP, in addition to his blindness. He’s had both ever since he was a baby. He has Retinopathy of prematurity, commonly referred to as ROP. Even though he is ambulatory, his cerebral palsy makes it difficult to walk long distances or to stand for lengthy periods of time, which is probably why writing fell right into his lap!

Kingett is proudly gay and also proudly disabled. Kingett does stutter which is why emails are a better way to get in touch with him than a phone call.

Kingett loves listening to LGBT audio books and fiction podcasts featuring queer characters. He identifies as a queer man and or a gay man, interchangeably. He also identifies as a disabled person rather than a person with a disability. He believes person first language will never identify him accurately.

Kingett was born in Islip, New York. He grew up in Saint Augustine FL and attended the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, FSDB. At an early age, he discovered that writing was an adaptive tool to combat his speech disability so he thought, I should harness this. Make my writing muscle stronger. So, he just kept writing, and writing!

Even though he has a speech disability he still loves to present at a wide array of venues, including charity events and literary events. He also does keynote speaking, including motivational speaking. At literary readings, he usually asks for a reader due to his disabilities.

Kingett describes himself as a very weird person. He loves Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream over chocolate ice cream, and he especially loves very dark humor and dark comedy. He loves stealing unicorn shaped cookies from rainbow tinged cookie jars, as well.

His Patreon is for people who want to get bonus material aside from the publicly available content.

He loves networking with other minority authors, especially authors with disabilities and writers who identify as a member of the LGBT+ community. If that’s you, send him an email!

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