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Accessibility and usability testing.

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Various newspapers, blogs, radio/TV stations, and magazines, Chicago, Illinois.

Writer,Columnist, Editor, and Reporter.

(06/2006 to present)

  • Kept society away from daytime TV with richly entertaining articles spanning a wide array of beats contributing to the overall expansion of literacy and helping the economy.
  • Gathered unique story angles thanks to copious compliments of a guy’s hair even when it looked utterly ghastly.
  • Passionately sacrificed a few editor deadlines to ensure thorough fact and source checking and to deepen stories for the betterment of the paper.
  • Vigorously reported on stories generated by news desk and assignment desk before preparing for the long rides with downloads of contemporary romance novels and Star Wars books.
  • Ensured that my Microsoft Word spell checking dictionary was up to date to prevent typos.
  • Enthusiastically met deadlines with every assignment by including emails with cute smiley faces in my signature.
  • Graciously attended every event a PR person invited me to and maintained professionalism by not yawning once.
  • Captivatingly listened to article subjects without looking like I am dazed or looking at my cell to see if I have been invited on a date, resulting in deeper human interest stories.
  • Disabled “Poke” notifications from Facebook so I could procrastinate my guilty pleasure until I got off work.
  • Beamed like a gossiping schoolgirl, keeping the companies lively fervor, every time someone quoted my articles.


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