Intro to my website.

Notice how this site is made for screen reader users? That’s by design. I also tried to make this site easy to use for magnifier users before I lost my vision.

I’m a totally blind, gay, author and accessibility consultant. I used to be legally blind. For more background, check out my about page.

I stutter so strongly prefer written communication.

Below will be some quick links and screen reader tips along with some recent updates.

Quick links.

  1. All recent work/news
  2. site map of pages.
  3. Subscribe to updates.
  4. Resume.
  5. news and updates
  6. writing overview. This holds links to archives, outlets, awards, and highlights.
  7. Event information. This holds information about all events including how to book and view past events.
  8. Anthologies/books.
  9. Events calendar to see what I’m up to and where I’m presenting.
  10. Press about me.
  11. Opinions and thoughts.
  12. Audiobook wishlist.

Some recent updates.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of updates. See all updates or check out the site map.

  1. Comradery is a Patreon alternative.
  2. Bookwyrm is a Goodreads alternative
  3. Why I blocked #AccessiBe
  4. Why Off the Grid is Free
  5. Clubhouse and Accessibility Privilege

Screen reader tips.

  • The navigation bar at the top of every page has child menus. It also has a landmark tag.
  • When clicking anything in my writing archive or any other category or tag page, use headings to jump titles. press enter on the title to see the content.
  • Category and tag links are beneath the author bio on posts.

4 thoughts on “Intro to my website.”

  1. LOVED “Off The Grid”. Finished listening to it last night. I’m a blind geezer (RP/usher syndrome)My wife is from Chicago’s south side. Your book taught me a lot. I’ll be listening over and over again.

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