Off the Grid: Living Blind Without the Internet

The Off the Grid book cover, featuring a white cane tapping out the title on a laptop keyboard
Book cover for Off the Grid

Journalist Robert Kingett accepts a dare: one that at first seems simple… to adapt to his blindness without the Internet. This account is a cozy diary of battling with an FM radio, hooking up a landline phone and the journey of adapting to a brand new way of living from someone who has never disconnected from the World Wide Web.

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From Off the Grid…

I immediately go still, my brain unable to process what he has just said. A month without using the Internet? A month without Email, Spotify, Pandora, news, Twitter and online conversations? A month without sending any work in except, well… I don’t even know how to send in my work without the Internet.

A month?” I squeak, my fingers gripping the fry harder than intended. I’m so stunned that I don’t even fight back as Marcus gently takes his fry and pops it into his mouth, chewing as he nods. He’s lucky I can see him at the moment.

I NEED the Internet. Literally!” I say, wondering why there can be so many ordinary park sounds around me and this conversation.

I know you do, Robbie.” he says, putting a hand on mine that’s resting on the table. “That will be the fun of it, the challenge of it. Don’t use the Internet for a whole month, and write about it. Keep a live diary of your journal entries and even write down what you see, hear, and experience. Do a running cometary of life without the Internet. Write it all down.”