Technology and accessibility expertise

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Freelance blog design: $45 per blog

Freelance accessibility consulting, game, hardware, and software testing. $350 per project.

Freelance website design. $450 per project

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I’m a visually impaired computer user who uses various screen readers and a high contrast visual display. I’m very proficient in these devices and using all of their functionality to get what I need to get done with detailed feedback for my clients.

See my PowerPoint skills

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Hardware and computer repair skills.

  • PC/tablet
    • Installing drivers, basic software repair, virus removal, and more
    • Updating software/drivers, OS, programs. formatting partitions, setting up custom Email servers and more.
    • Duplicating partitions, password recovery, registry optimization and repair, network maintenance and setup and more.
  • Mobile devices
    • Software installs, contact recovery, SIM replacement and more.

Screen reader and adaptive tech proficiency.

  • NVDA
  • Victor Reader Stream
  • HIMS DAISY Players
  • Social media accessibility (all platforms)
  • Thunder
  • Window Eyes
  • JAWS
  • Screen magnifiers (various)
  • TALKS (Mobile screen reader)
  • MobileSpeak (Mobile screen reader)

Blogging platform expertise

  • WordPress. (All platforms)
  • Blogger
  • Movable Type
  • Typepad

Accessibility guideline expertise

Companies I worked with.

Videos, articles, and supporting information

Here is a Youtube video created by me that explains to the general public how i use screen readers, as well as details good web accessibility practices

I was an adaptive technology teacher for two years where I’d instruct students on the use of adaptive technology and write up detailed guides on navigating around various software and websites that weren’t accessible as well as how-to guides on using adaptive hardware and software.

I’ve written many accessibility reviews for many blogs and many magazines.

I would like to direct you to my accessible YouTube guide, an informal guide on managing YouTube’s difficult flash driven interface.

If you’d like to contact me send me an email

Below will be some of my other articles on accessibility and adaptation.

How blind people use the web YouTube video

JAWS VS NVDA YouTube video

Blog post on windows 8 accessibility: before release

Accessibility problems in PDF documents

An accessibility review of the kindle

Audio Description Should Be Universal

adapting to the Xbox.

The accessible cell phone guide


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