Projects and campaigns

This will be a page of projects and or campaigns that I partake in actively.

Members of the media can use this page as a quick guide. To learn more about something click the links below.

Contact me.

Fundraisers and campaigns.

Because I am a freelance journalist, I will ask my readers to fund certain projects they want to see from me. However, with every campaign, I will hand pick a not for profit to donate to in conjunction with the project. By donating to these people will also be donating to not for profits that actively make the world a better place.

Games Journalism Directory.

This website is a running database of paying and nonpaying outlets that was started by Robert because an editor refused to pay for an article. It also exposes unethical outlets and editors. The project is crowd sourced.

The Accessible Digital Project

The accessible Digital project is a grassroots advocacy group and watchdog maintained by me as well as other passionate advocates for accessible streaming media. The site features news, user testimonies, and documented experiences by our team regarding streaming accessibility and audio description, including direct responses to us regarding accessibility and audio description.

Voxol Magazine

This is a satire magazine that focuses on gaming and the gaming industry. It is one of the few gaming magazines that aims to be utterly comical, equally making fun of everything from popular gaming trends to game trailers and press releases. It is often purported as “the Onion of gaming Journalism”

Game accessibility guidelines

I actively contribute to this website and assist with other things as well such as marketing and ensuring the examples are accurate.


Comment on my work

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