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The following are archives on the web. These will serve as one stop shops to see my work for that publication. Some work will be syndicated. Publishing times vary so check back here often!

Most of the outlets below have their own RSS feeds so if you only want to keep up with my work in a single publication you can subscribe to that RSS feed.

Various publications and independent work on Medium.

Medium RSS feed.


Gazette Chicago

Dialogue Magazine.

Vice No author RSS feed.

Huffpost. No author RSS feed.

Recovery Diaries

Chicago Tribune

Splice Today

Go No Mad Travel Magazine

Able News

A&U HIV Magazine

Kill Screen

Enhanced Vision

Next Leg Travel

Cool Blind Tech

Vice Media

Progress Illinois

Writer’s digest Magazine

Windy City Times

Echo Magazine

Funds for Writers.

Gender Trash Cafe

Magnets and Ladders.

The Blot



Wisdom Pills

Screaming Momma Magazine.

South Florida Gay News

You and Me Magazine

Your Tango