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The following are archives on the web. These will serve as one stop shops to see my work for that publication. Publishing times vary so be sure to subscribe to my updates.

Fiction outlets.

Audio fiction outlets.

  1. Bric Moon Fiction.

Print fiction outlets.

Coming Soon!

Nonfiction outlets.

Audio nonfiction outlets.

  1. Mortified.

Print nonfiction outlets.

  1. Unwritten
  2. Can I Play That
  3. Kill Screen
  4. Disability Tribune.
  5. Vice
  6. SpoonieHacker
  7. PillPack.
  8. A and U Magazine
  9. AppleVis
  10. Bello Collective
  11. Echo Magazine
  12. Enhanced Vision.
  13. Funds for Writers.
  14. Gazette Chicago
  15. Gender Trash Cafe
  16. HuffPost
  17. IGN
  18. Liguorian Magazine
  19. Magnets And Ladders.
  20. Dialogue Magazine.
  21. Chicago Tribune.
  22. OK Recovery Diaries.
  23. Ozy.
  24. Progress Illinois
  25. Writer’s Digest
  26. Writers Weekly
  27. You and Me Magazine.
  28. Your Tango.