I’m participating in the 2023 writers strike

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I am on strike, and I fully support the 2023 Writers strike that was called by the WGA

Read the initial Strike announcement here

For a solid breakdown of the strike in print, read this. and Read the demands

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In short, this means I’ve stopped all writing, selling, options, and negotiations involving my scripts and screenplays. I’ve stopped all script and sensitivity consultations for all production companies. I’ve stopped all negotiations of my scripts for podcasts and all screenplays.

Unfortunately, before the strike was called, some fiction podcast scripts were already in production of a few of my scripts. I’ll do everything I can to stop the production of these sold scripts.

These are hard times for everybody, but the streaming industry has allowed executives to take advantage of all writers in so many ways that weren’t possible before. We are striking because exploitation needs to be halted. I can’t even begin to outline all the ways, but it’s multiple companies taking advantage of writers, deducting pays as profits continue to rise. The demands are bigger because there is more to lose.

Unfortunately, executives and production companies have a backlog, thanks to how streaming works, but there will still be impacts, as there should be.

This strike is to hurt countless production companies and executives that take advantage of writers, underpay writers, and devalue the writing process by making sure we do not get paid what we are worth.

Even though this strike is to punish companies and corporations, In my humble opinion, all fans should be inconvenienced by this strike as well. They should feel the pain of not having new content, because I believe they don’t fully understand how badly writers are abused and how critical writers are to their favorite TV shows, movies, and fiction podcasts as well as other media.

Perhaps fans will take the time and learn the ingrained devaluing of writers that constantly plagues society and how they can do their parts to treat writers better.

If you’d like to support me during this strike, support me here.

Treat writers better. Pay writers. Pay us good money because we deserve it, and because we do great work. Without writers, you wouldn’t have the Golden Girls or other shows. You wouldn’t have the Bright Sessions or other epic fiction podcasts. If there are no writers, you don’t get new shows.

In addition to participating, I stand in full solidarity, and will not cross any virtual or in person picket lines. I can assure you that I will monitor this closely and attend virtual protests and will participate in even more virtual campaigns.

Treat writers better. Pay writers. What else can I say? Pay writers. Pay writers. Pay writers! Pay writers! PAY, WRITERS!

Mutual aid and strike resources.

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