Hosting an inclusive open mic series.

I’ve participated in many inclusive events in the past. Now, I’m planning my own inclusive open mic event series with the Chicago Public library. I’d like to feature Disabled performers.

The events will take place in 2023, starting in February. Exact dates and times of each event are being finalized.

The Chicago Public library hosts many writing events and  has been incredibly open about this being an inclusive event from the very beginning! I’m so excited to be working with them on making this open mic series.

The plan is to have a featured performer and then a rotating list of open mic performers doing all kinds of storytelling arts, from storytelling off script, to poetry, to prose and novel readings.

I’m gathering up some featured performers across Disability communities and other communities such as Disabled minorities. Here’s the base information for now.

The series will start in February 2023.

All events will be virtual.

All events will be free.

Performers will be encouraged to provide self-descriptions.

All events will feature ASL interpretation and live captioning.

I’m still planning more ways to make the event even more inclusive. I’m preparing the list of featured performers, so it would be hugely beneficial if you shared this page everywhere with all kinds of Disabled performers.

This event is for writers and storytellers. If you have a musical talent, I’m looking for more storytellers and writers at this time.

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Interested performers sign up to my list here and wait for more participating details closer to the first event.