2021 highlights

This year was certainly a better year than last year!

I wrote a few books, got vaccinated, moved my podcast to the open, and did a ton of reading.

I also planned several upcoming anthologies and events. It’s important you subscribe in some way to keep up with everything.

Let’s get to the updates!

Literary event.

I hosted my first accessible literary event. It was a lot of fun but it was a lot of hard work to put on.


I’m very happy to say that I edited my first anthology. It features blind writers, exclusively. Below are all the anthologies I’ve appeared in or edited myself.

Get Artificial Divide


My podcast has moved

Site updates.

I cleaned up my site a lot, including,

Improved my site map

Made a paying markets hub

Added accessibility requirements to my events page

Organized my books page

Made it easier to find interviews with transcripts.

Started an inclusive events portfolio