Artificial Divide received its first grant.

I have great news regarding my first anthology! Artificial Divide, a multi-genre fiction anthology, has received its first grant from Canada Council for the Arts.

For this anthology, all of the people involved in putting it together, with the exception of staff at our publisher, are all visually impaired. It’s an OwnVoices anthology, which I’m really excited about. I believe OwnVoices work is extremely important, especially when creating art of any kind.

This grant will help us pay writers. We wanted to make sure all accepted writers were paid. Now that We’ve acquired a grant, we won’t have to worry about paying writers. The publisher already made it clear how we would pay writers and what we would pay, but at least the grant is there to help us fund the contributors without worrying.

The calls for submissions page details what we’re looking for. We’re pretty flexible, except for erotica. No erotica for this anthology because we want this anthology to be open to a wide array of readers.

Even though we have this grant, we’re still gonna have a Kickstarter for the anthology because that will serve as a preorder campaign as well as a way to help us fund the audiobook.

The preorder campaign is especially important because it tells my publisher that people really want this book. A lot of preorders tell my publisher that people want this OwnVoices book and, also, that you’d like to see me do more OwnVoices anthologies in the future. We’re also using this campaign to help fund the audiobook.

I’m hoping we can get enough support from the Kickstarter campaign to quickly do the audiobook. The campaign will help us hire a visually impaired narrator, or visually impaired narrators, for the audiobook. I’d like to have each story read by a different narrator, but I don’t know if we will be able to raise enough money to do that. Regardless, the audiobook narrator will most likely be visually impaired as well. Luckily, the publisher has been really supportive so far so I’m sure they will have no problem hiring a visually impaired narrator.

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