I applied to an LGBT writers retreat today

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I did quite a bit of twitter scrolling, reading more of the Unwind trilogy, and looking up writers retreats and actually applying to some of them. Why? Well, because I’ve never been to a writers retreat before, one where they offer workshops and readings and the like.

Today I’ve been slaving over the application for the Lampta WRITERS RETREAT FOR EMERGING LGBTQ VOICES. One thing I was really surprised about was the fact that they didn’t need references! I was instantly hooked because, well, sometimes, I work with editors on a one time basis and don’t work with them again. Other times, I work with an editor months or even years after working with them previously.

But seriously, this retreat looks so cool! I’ve never seen a LGBT retreat for writers so I went ahead and paid the $20 fee. Considering that people can donate to a scholarship fund to aid us low income writers to attend the conference or otherwise I think it’s a great investment. And, honestly? If I’m not chosen, I still love what the organization does so don’t mind tossing them $20.

That has me thinking… well, wishing, rather. I really did work hard on this application. The essay felt a bit clunky to me until I stopped trying to write the best essay and wrote an essay that was honest to me. That’s all I can really do and, well, I gave it a shot!

Some people say that I can get what they offer online. The workshops, the classes, the networking, and stuff. It’s free! They tell me. Well, if you really want to be technical it’s not free because I still got to pay my ISP. It will give me a chance to meet literary agents in person too! Literary agents who are within the LGBT population. It will give me a chance to know what it’s like to, well, actually go on a writers retreat for once!

Other than that, I have been reading like crazy. I’m really into this book series. In fact, I’m into it so much that I am going to end this blog post to finish! I guess I am in a writing funk. I’ve been doing a lot of reading rather than writing. I’m sure that will change but first, well, I have a series to finish! Two books to go! My Trek hasn’t been shipped yet either but I can’t wait to play with that when it gets here.

Until next time, tooddles!