audio description on Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV

I had a chance to play around with the long anticipated Amazon Prime video application on the Apple TV and I like it a lot. Okay, that’s a slight understatement. I love it! Call me crazy but I like my Apple TV more than my physical Fire TV in terms of navigation and speed and, well, I just like it better.

After connecting my account to the app, naturally, the first thing I tried to do was play one of the many titles with audio description Amazon has.

For those not in the know, yes, audio description works. There’s a slight problem that I wasn’t able to figure out yet but here’s how to enable audio description.

1.After playing a title with audio description pause the video.

2.Move down to the menu. Not up. The easiest way to do this is to move your VoiceOver navigational method to direct touch and swipe down, then right, until you hear the audio menu.

3.Select the second English option. It won’t say audio description. Move down to select the second English track.

There’s a small problem however. The audio description won’t stay on when you select a different movie or TV show if you connect the Amazon app to the TV app. If you just play through the Amazon app your audio description will persist, well, anywhere there’s audio description. I don’t know why this happens but if it’s a deal breaker for you then don’t connect your TV app to Amazon Prime video. I still have yet to learn what practical use this is for, connecting the TV app and the Prime video app, , but now I am off to research steps on how to disconnect my TV app from my Amazon video app. Maybe that will fix my audio description problem. We will see.

It’s interesting about this release because Amazon and Apple butted heads and Amazon was all, like, we don’t want people to watch our stuff on Apple’s stuff! Yuck!

There have even been rumors that politics delayed the app release until December. Rolls eyes. They really need to take a page from Google’s book. If you make good apps and services that just, simply, work, on everything, then you will have people who may actually stay subscribed to you! Gasp.