Is Sargon of Akkad a professional victim?

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This will probably be the shortest post I have ever done because I have a simple answer to this question.

Whenever I see something happen online I look for patterns or just things to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong. I’m sure everyone knows Sargon of Akkad and what happened to him at Vicon 2017 so I don’t want to go into all of that, but he says that Anita, who I disagree with on a lot of her critiques of games and other media because I am very much sex positive, whereas, well, she has a different point of view than I do, harassed him by calling him a garbage human. That’s not the most important point, believe it or not.

What I want to look at is the channel of Sargon of Akkad. In short, it seems that he makes quite the fucking living, doing what I call, reactionary videos. These videos are people reacting to art or otherwise that other people have done. It’s a clever way of being lazy and an easier way to generate clicks because the content, well, writes itself, so to speak.

I don’t care about why he says he was at Vidcon. He makes a living from reacting to things. I haven’t seen an original content come from his channel in a good while, and I occasionally pop in to remind myself that challenging people is always good. It just so happens that Sargon of Akkad makes money reacting to things rather than creating original content.

Let’s look at Anita real quick. Her delivery is severely droll and her accessibility is incredibly poor. I’m not talking about disabled accessibility because she has captioned her videos, but I mean that someone who is new to feminism won’t be able to just pick up her videos and ride along with her. I had to turn to more accessible feminist content and saved her videos for much later viewing because these videos, points, and concepts, are not told in an entertaining and engaging and easy to understand way.

Even though I have my opinions about her content and her organization, like the fact she, to my knowledge, is limiting her not for profit platform to only her viewpoints and not having a feminist team behind her, I want to look at the way her income was generated.

She started a Kickstarter. It was funded. Some argue that it was over funded to solely counter the harassment she received. That’s not important. She pitched an idea. her project was funded. She accepts donations, but doesn’t make a direct financial profit out of solely reacting to things, say, the harassment and threats she receives. People can donate to her but people can donate for several reasons not related to the things she experiences.

Sargon of Akkad however, makes money by reacting to things. He doesn’t create anything original. He profited from her calling him a garbage human. I think he knew he would, eventually, which is why he went to see a panel she was appearing as a speaker. Therefore, when I hear that he was just going there to talk I LOL. Even if she hadn’t have called him a garbage human, he would have asked his provoking question to get a reaction out of her, either to claim he was in a battle or to shoot, her reactions and then, well, profit from them.

This includes people reacting to him. He will call someone stupid or something and act like he’s just a victim who’s not going to lay down and take it. But he provokes reactions to get reactions to get, well, money.

I think that sounds more like a professional victim than any caricature of a professional victim anybody conjures up.