My thoughts on The Bright Side of Darkness by J E Pinto

The Bright Side of DarknessThe Bright Side of Darkness by J E Pinto
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I don’t quite know where to begin with this review because I just finished this book this morning and I am having trouble understanding what the story is. If anything, I’d say this story is about Rick and Daisy but that’s really hard to say because this story doesn’t quite have a beginning, middle, or an end. The book starts off with Rick, a white trailer trash youth who just lost his parents in a car crash, and he meets daisy, a blind girl. Who can cook! And walk! And talk! And think! And not act helpless! And teach! And teach! And teach! And teach! And teach!

The main question I had while listening to this book was simply, why. Why did they say this? What is happening? Why did this event happen just now? There’s no context for the events that happen. It’s as if I am reading about random events that are supposed to teach me something but I don’t know what that something is because another random event happens and a random character says something else. Is any of this out of character for the characters? I don’t know. I can’t tell.

The characters are supposed to drive the story forward but I couldn’t tell them apart. Rick and Daisy were the two main characters in the story but they don’t seem to me characters so much, as vehicles for teachable moments about blindness and religion. They even seem flat and one dimensional. Ricks friends had different name’s. that’s all I can really say about the other characters in the story.

I felt like I just read a novel that had a lot of conflict but none of the conflict makes sense. Why did rick just yell at a judge after the judge tells him that he’s sorry daisy dies? And, no, that’s not a spoiler, because, she’s not a character. She’s a lesson that doesn’t come across as a lesson everybody can learn from. Why does mark drive wildly after a party? I didn’t really have any other questions than, why is this happening? Why are the characters saying these things? What’s the point?
There’s a lot of action in the book but the actions don’t make sense even in context. None of the characters have any defining traits at all, other than their name’s, and disabilities. Religion is very prominent in this book as well. This is the only lesson that really grinded my gears because, clearly, the author is a Christian and she wants everybody else to become one too. there’s no basis for the religion though so it feels, well, I am afraid I simply don’t know.

I am afraid that’s how this review is going to end. I just didn’t know why this happened or that happened in the book. The lessons were just lessons. I don’t know. I simply, frankly, just don’t know what went on in these pages.

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