keeping things consistent and easy for my blind readers

Ever since I became totally blind, my last birthday, actually, I’ve noticed that managing multiple public blogs is a lot of work and it takes up even more of my time. it does take time to make tags and categories for these new blogs over here or that blog over there so I decided to [move all of my public blogs into one place]( within one category and, basically, in one location. Oh sure there’s still the private stuff, which none of you will see, and I will keep that flowing in one place, but as for the public stuff, I am making the move to move all public posts here. this way, well, you all can read everything in one place. The theme won’t change though. When I could see I liked the dark blue with the huge, easy to see, headlines, so this theme will stay unless something happens and I absolutely have to change the theme. To blind and visually impaired people, consistently keeping an interface familiar is all the rage instead of making it look all flashy and good looking. Until next time folks, happy reading! There’s still ways you can donate to me if you like what I do.