The Unwelcomed Child by V C Andrews

The Unwelcomed ChildThe Unwelcomed Child by V.C. Andrews
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When someone sits down to write as someone else many things need to be taken into account. The original writers’ themes and style of writing for one thing, but the craft needs to be examined carefully. A ghostwriter needs to look at old manuscript’s and slice words together to make the old successful themes work within a new skin. This ghostwriter has missed the mark on a number of books, this one being the worst. He has even stopped capturing the voice of V C Andrews.

There just isn’t anything in this book that makes it a nod to V C. in fact, Andrews would not even publish this book if she were alive today. There isn’t anything in this book that keeps to her memory at all. None of the antagonists are horrific enough to pass for the gothic feel at all, nor the protagonists sophisticated yet naive people with a hint of reserve behind the unwillingness to do something that deviates from the norm, but that is just barely scratching the surface as to why this should have never been called a V C Andrews book.

There comes a point where the ghostwriter just needs to realize that, not only has he lost his way, but he can’t even capture her voice anymore, let alone, plots, themes, suspense, and characters.

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