ABM: Grey. Fifty Shades book 4

Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian

This month I have been listening to a book called Grey. The book is Fifty Shades from a different point of view. Literally.

I downloaded it from audible and the narrator is really good, in my opinion, even though I believe that the writing is utterly worse from HIS point of view.

The book follows the same plot as the Fifty Shades book. The same dialog takes place. The same events take place. The only thing that’s different is we’re listening to the inner thoughts of someone who doesn’t understand BDRM well. Literally.

Looking on my Victor Reader Stream it says that I am 59% done with the book. I didn’t get a chance to finish it because of so many things happening in my life, I’ve honestly been watching TV shows this month. One of these has been Married With Children.

I’ve been flip flopping between liking the book and absolutely hating the book. Writers, when you make an alternate point of view I’d strongly suggest you not make it a separate book with chapters. Sure, it’s a great way to milk our customers, but the smart ones will learn this and let everyone and their mother know about your money making habits.

One of the reasons why I am liking the book is because I feel like it’s a bad train wreck that I just can’t look away from. My attention is pulled in even though I know this book is the image of a cash cow.

The writing isn’t stellar. It’s entertaining. that’s all. that’s what kept me reading, but I found it incredibly easy to shift to better written books. It was really easy for me to switch audiobook files. I think the writing style made it easy. It’s not exactly an epic story, especially since I know how it ends and it doesn’t even end well.

Grey is a book for people who have never read Fifty Shades at all. Now, when people look at Fifty Shades. They can have a choice of narrator, which, honestly, makes me a bit jealous. Grey is not for the fan. Indeed, it is for people who have never read the series. Grey is at least interesting enough to get people into the series. I’d recommend this book to people who have never heard of the series at all.

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