I kind of did standup comedy. Wow!

I have news for everyone! The off the grid audiobook will hit retail next week, and, well, I did my first ever rendition of standup comedy. I guess my very weird outlook on life has served me well. The reason why I haven’t been blogging is 2 fold. One is that I haven’t had the time. There’s a bunch of personal stuff going on and I haven’t had the time to get to writing and keeping you all updated on what’s been happening.

The other? Well, I’ve been doing so much writing that I haven’t had time to write in this blog. I know, what a weird concept. Yes? Its kind of like me having a black sister. There’s a slim chance of it happening but the odds are mill.

I did the comedy here at the facility. I don’t know why I am hiding, since it really isn’t hard to find me, if someone really wanted to. Still, there are people here I don’t want to see die yet. They have to put me in their last will and testament first.

As I was doing the comedy, the whole time I kept thinking, good lord, how do professionals do this? I wrote down the jokes ahead of time, revised them, molded them, shaped them, cut a few out, added a few new ones, and did a bit of impromptu when one joke didn’t work. As it turns out, I am actually funny! Who knew!

All the staff here were so congratulatory you’d of thought I went celibate. In fact, the head of this place suggested that I try a few clubs around here.

I can honestly say that if I attempted to do this full time, I’d have the shortest career possible. I don’t know how comedians get their material, outside of thinking about it like I did and writing down whatever thought sprinkles through my head.

In short, I may try to do open mic here in Chicago, but this definitely wont be a career, for sure. I will still focus on school, which I will return to in 2016. I’ve chosen to skip this semester, due to so many things going on in my life, many elders, who also read this blog, advised me to do so. See, old people do know a thing or do, despite what us whipper snappers say.

So, pop in at the Chicago Laugh Factory on open mic night. You just might see me on stage.


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Robert W Kingett

Robert Kingett is a gay blind journalist, and author, with many publications in magazines, anthologies, and blogs. He has judged many writing contests and has won many awards for his writings and advocacy.

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