advertising versus lack of services in disability care

I chose to re-blog this post by Sam because I fully support everything she is saying here! What more can I say that she has not said already? What more can I add to the topic at hand? Not anything new, but I believe that people are placing quite a bit of emphasis on advertising, forgetting that, if you build it, and build it well, then people will support whatever in many different ways, and less advertising would be needed. Let’s take Steam into account. Why do people use Steam to get the games? Because Steam delivers, with little advertising. In fact, the creator even illustrated that “if you want to stop piracy, then make a better system than what the pirates are offering” I believe the same thing can be said for businesses and otherwise as well. If you want revenue, pour all your energy into production and more will come out of it.

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Hello everyone,

Today I’m furious over the  lack of adiquate servecs in human services in general. A therapist  that I worked with said we need to put  ” human” back into human services. In this age of managed care and budget cuts where what’s best for insurance or least   expensive overrules  people’s needs I agree. But there is a deeper problem that I feel people in organizations can have a hand in correcting.

I feel it has to do with   integrity or lack thereof. All organizations  need tomake money, to pay their  employes and keep expanding. However for many making money and keeping up an appearance that will draw in  donors becomes the priority over  the needs of the service consumers. An example is Friedman Place. Friedman Place is one of two supportive living organizations for the blind in the whole country. I’ll say that part again because  people don’t…

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