The last day of the internship

It’s funny leaving an internship.

In my case, it’s a new beginning. For me, I have had quite the job offers over the past few weeks, all of which I needed to carefully deliberate.

The internship ends today anyway, so I am not ending it because of all of these job offers.

I had a lot of co workers express their sadness that I am leaving, and their happiness that I am moving onto bigger things. It’s bitter sweet, I’ll tell you!

If there were background music to my life, as I’m walking out the door for the final time, I believe that the Green Day song Time of Your Life would be playing, either that, or that song by Rascal Flats called “I’m moving’ on!”

Where will I be going? Well, the only thing that I can say is, keep an eye in the Onion news My name just might suddenly pop up there within a few weeks.

I also think that I will beg the elder geek in my building to take me out for a smoothie or some ice cream. I have it all worked out, too. I will slide on over to him while he’s eating his breakfast, gaze down at him with pitiful eyes, make sure I have a scale with me, and then ask him when he’s going to go to McDonald’s or Duncan Donuts again. I will then ask him when will we go. Just to emphasize, I will make a pitiful puppy dog noise, and then remind him how thin I am. If that doesn’t work, I will launch into a tirade about how the world would be safer and better off If he takes me to Duncan Donuts.

I’m sure he will get it then! If not, I have the scale for backup and proof that the world is a dangerous place if Robbie doesn’t get escorted to McDonalds, especially after completing a successful internship!


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