I didn’t make press access to E3 2015

I just wanted to make a very quick update… aside from missing an appointment that I was supposed to have at 1 PM, making a video where I drool over chocolate like a communist would drool over a nuclear war discussion, and trying to figure out the Xbox One so I can get to writing reviews, I have news about E3 this year.

I didn’t get accepted to E3 as press this year, but I am always hopeful for next year! I am sure that I will get in next year, because I will make it happen.

What’s interesting is that I didn’t know that E3 ranked by page views, rather than… well, other factors, but then again, to be honest, I’d have no idea how to judge applications either.

Thank you for your interest in E3 2015. Your registration application was reviewed, and based on the information furnished unfortunately you do not qualify for a media badge to E3 2015.

The media team uses a variety of measurement/ranking tools to determine media badge approvals for online-based applicants including Compete.com, Quantcast.com, and Alexa.com. This ensures we get a broad sense of web traffic and unique visitors. In addition each outlet is reviewed for content, news and industry involvement. We do not consider Twitter, Facebook or MySpace pages as editorial.

Online media requirements to receive a media badge are as follows:

Websites must be fully live (not in beta) and operational for six months.

Websites must receive a minimum of 10,000 monthly unique impressions for each media badge issued.

Based on the above you do not qualify for a media badge. If you are still interested in attending E3 2015, you may see how to qualify for a paid admission. To learn more, please visit http://www.E3Expo.com.

E3 is a trade-only event, and is not open to the general public. Media badges are available only to members of the media who meet the listed qualifications.

Please refer to http://www.e3expo.com for information regarding paid admissions as well as additional show information. Thank you again for your interest in E3.