I write my first editorial on gaming and journalism ethics

The reason why I get so heated with misrepresentation, in any situation, is because it’s a cop out for dealing with bigger issues or even possible corruption.

Tonight, a guest article has been published, written by me, that addresses why the SVU episode “Intimidation Game” is bullshit on many levels, and I even call out the poor video game press, as well, for being so unethical and just downright unprofessional. Trust me, this will not be the only editorial I make on the subject. I am deep in some investigations right now, so I am not going away after one guest editorial. I will write many more, in some surprising places.

I hate, most of all, people pushing a narrative because they want to fulfill an agenda. In this post, I address the unethical practices of some gaming journalism and give my point of view on portrayal of gamers, which, is so false it’s almost as stupid as saying the earth is flat.

I hope you all enjoy the editorial, linked below.