Setting up my IGN profile

I wonder if anyone knows how odd it is to select a picture for an avatar.

I am resting on the IGN blogger sign up page, wondering why they have a soccer ball as an icon. Of course, I’m very happy to be here, as directed by one of IGN’s editors, but, I am insanely confused about this soccer ball because I can’t tell if it has super powers, and I wonder if it would look good as my avatar.

Over the last few days I have been spamming Twitter and social media in general, with an article I published on IGN about the accessibility menu in the PS4. That article is below.

I reached out to the editor to take follow up articles, and, what do you know, the editor said yes. He told me that he would be happy to read the next article that I do, regarding an interview with one of the developers about the accessibility features.

I’ve already done a YouTube video where I squeal like a mad man, so, now, all that’s left is for me to pick a picture as my IGN avatar.

I am actually psyched that I am a contributing writer. In fact, I am so psyched, I squealed in a YouTube video for several minutes.

Do I choose the soccer ball, or the circles that look like I am in a hypnotists office

I wish they had a picture of a cookie, or a cute kitty, simply because both are delightful!