My PS4 news story has appeared on the main IGN page

I have good news for the masses. It involves syndication, and, well, a huge thing of cookies.

My IGN article has been syndicated to the main IGN page. I haven’t had a chance to look at the comments yet but I will do so later today. I am curious to see how the populace views accessibility news.

The article is here.

I just had a peek at the comments, and I am not sure I can muster up the strength to read them all in one go, but, I have slogged through a few. Basically, the comments are asking for more features and complaining that this is a PR stunt and that the PS4 still doesn’t have the features that the Xbox One has.

I seriously wonder why trolls are trolls. Perhaps they didn’t get enough cookies for Christmas or something.

I also wonder if anyone remembers how long the PS3 took to add all of the features that people wanted.

This is a huge step forward in video game accessibility. I have reached out to Sony for a follow up interview. I have also asked about Microsoft, as well, and what their accessibility plans are but have yet to hear back from them.