I’m excited over Final Fantasy coming to PS4. Squeal!

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I was looking on the web the other day at something really random, and it had to do with the governor here in Illinois, when I suddenly had an idea, to just type a random string into Google and see what comes up.

Bright blue Final Fantasy cover for PS4

That’s what came up. Final Fantasy will be here on the PS4 soon, and I will, hopefully, get a review copy. I have asked to be on the review list but, even though I am on there, that does not mean I will get a copy.

I just want to hear that new audio drama.

I’m kidding. Seriously though, to see Yuna and Auron and Rikku and Kimahri and everyone else again will be utterly epic!

Here’s a secret that I have never told anyone, smile. I have never beaten Final Fantasy X on PS2. I did not watch the ending on YouTube, but I did watch a few lets plays on how to beat one of the bosses I was stuck on.

Now, I will be able to finally finish the game and the story.

I think this should be displayed as a demonstration that not all video games are bad and evil things. Even in my building, where I stay, video games are like a secret land to the older folk. They see video games as your typical Call of Duty army game where people shout into a microphone because they just died from a grenade.

Anyway, I will admit, I am a Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy fan-boy, and I always will be. I want to get back to the story, and I want to know if Tidus will ever go home and how he will have to deal with loving Yuna, the person who will help kill his dad at the end? I don’t know what he will do. Will he stay where she is, or go back to his home that I can’t spell.

I will get to return to the world of tactical based RPG. I will get to call upon summons again. I will get to do these fun temple puzzles that left me scratching my head for hours. I will get to finally, finally, finish the story I started years ago!.

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster – PlayStation 4

Don’t spoil it. The ending I mean, readers. I want to be surprised when I start crying at the end like I cried at the end of Kingdom Hearts. By the way, I love that ending song!

I wonder what the new audio drama will entail? I just hope that I actually get a review copy. I will totally go nuts, and live stream on Twitch for hours on end. I’m certain.

I do have a question though. I wonder why Sin turned into, well, Sin. Did he just have an overbearing wash of bottled up hate and something happened and he just let whatever Sin is take over him?

I don’t know. I haven’t seen the ending, and I don’t want to either. I don’t want to ruin it for myself. I had the game on the PS2. It was the first PS2 game I played. That, and GTA III.

I’m beyond curious about the audio drama, and the new music. The old music was beautifully crafted, even back then, a soothing lullaby, if you will. I don’t know what this new mix will be like.

I’m just excited! Guys, I can’t wait!