My first photoshoot for a movie

Hi all. No, I didn’t drop off the face of the earth, although, I have been busy with a lot of things, including the accessible Netflix Project and listening to books so I can review them.

Ever since I’ve started my internship, and working at Audiofile magazine, and new publications that I am writing for, and working so this blog will actually have advertisements I benefit from, yes people, I am tired of writing for free, so I am now putting ads on this blog that will have a direct impact on my bank account.

I wanted to give you all an update on the off the grid book, and 2 upcoming articles that will appear in A&U magazine…. one about a date I had regarding a boy with HIV and an interview with a straight man who has HIV. I have been reading his blog for quite a while, making sure to get all of the details down for when the interview happens.

The off the grid book will be published in the next coming months. Audio production has to take place, though. The good thing is, the press contacts I’ve used for my gaming magazine, Gaming Glimpse, will review off the grid too, even the audio version!

I guess I will actually have to get around to shaving at some point LOL.

The biggest update has been my first feature film role, however. In Chicago, while I was speaking at a college, I accidentally knocked a director over with my cane, causing him to crash into a table and turn over some chairs. When he picked himself up and introduced himself as Jim Klein, I didn’t have any idea who he was. Note that I still don’t have a clue at all.

He’s making a documentary about the ADA and how it changed peoples lives over the years. He asked if I had ever been in a movie before. I replied, sure, I’ve been in a ton of home movies!

He patiently explained that he worked with digital eye LLC and wanted me to be in the film. I said that he would need to get me a big heaping pile of chocolate before I start acting, otherwise, I may pass out and require a sexy black man to rescue me before going to the ER.

He assured me it would be fine.

A day later, he rang my cell and told me to meet him at his Chicago studio. I did so, dealing with the wonderful ride that is paratransit. The entire way there, a dog kept trying to sniff my crotch.

When I finally arrived, the studio was baked in bright lights, filled with women in high heels and bright red dresses, tapping away on Phones like they would tap their husbands. After asking a dozen busy women where he was, they directed me to a photo shoot room, filled with gay white guys and an even brighter room. I started to really need chocolate as I felt my nerves straining to be rational.

One of the sound guys took me into a recording booth for the interview of, through their eyes, where I relayed my life as if to were a blog, ha ha, and then began the photo-shoot.

I have always seen these kinds of things in movies. In these scenes, the shots look like the actor is doing all kinds of poses. I, being the backwards country boy that I was, didn’t know if I was supposed to look glamorous or milk a cow.

“you know baby,,,: the camera guy coos, tossing in an extra lisp, possibly because he knew I was the definition of a rainbow… “you don’t have to stand there like a statue… come on doll, let that cuteness flare! Let it whoosh!”

I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to make my looks whoosh, so, I smiled shyly and tilted my head slightly sideways. The camera guy, Jerry, went nuts.

“OMG baby doll. You are so adorable… I want more! More personality! More!” I didn’t have any idea what to do at all, so, I began doing poses with my red and white cane… a sword, an old man, a guitar, a light-saber, a broom, a letter R, a microphone, a sniper, and a W. apparently, I was doing something right, because the camera took pictures of me every second. Every inch I turned, moved my body, tilted my head, flashes invaded my vision.

This went on for, literally, two hours. I saw stars exiting the building and riding back home before I left, I asked him when this will be in theaters. He said he wants to do an Internet series first, then theaters soon after the YouTube launch.

“what about royalties?” I asked.

“definitely! You do take checks, right?”

on the way home, the last few hours seem like a dream. It’s late at night, I am speeding towards my apartment, I have to go to work tomorrow, I have an audiobook to listen to, I participated in my first film,. The elder geek in my building hasn’t given me cookies yet, and, wow. I’ve participated in my first ever photo-shoot.!

When I get home, and lie in bed with a book playing however, I still feel like me. I’m sure that’s an epic thing. I still love cookies and chocolate. I still love Star Wars. I still want to go to the next E3 as a journalist to see Microsoft and Sony battle it out in the video game war, and I still want to eat chicken in a biscuit cookies.

Yup. I’m definitely a country nerd at heart. Yes?


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