I just keep on moving!

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If I really sit and think, right now, two examples come to mind that prove I’m stubborn.

One is a conversation. In my building, there’s this really old guy named Jay who’s into politics, social justice, and always wears a hat. He’s been here, at this place I am at, for a hell of a lot longer than I have. When I can beg him to and he will listen, he will usually provide me with much needed chocolate. One day, as I was wolfing down some mint chocolate chip ice cream, complete with chocolate chip cookies for desert, he made a comment that I was youthfully stubborn. Naturally, the only thing I cared about was what he brought me from Duncan Donuts.

When I was in grade school, I think it was about fifth grade or so, my teacher made the biggest mistake of her life. Ironically, it was just after I won a writing contest. I was competing against all of the other kids for a giant supply of candy. The judges were all people I have never heard of from different departments at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind. I didn’t think I was going to win because I was unhappy with one section of the essay I crafted. It was a humerus essay about why old people have less wisdom than children.

I won, by a lot, apparently. As I sprinted to grab the medal in the award, my classmates cheering me on in ecstatic glee, my teacher came up to me, smiled, and patted me on the back. Even though I didn’t have any family members celebrating with me that day, the victory rang through everyone as I bounced off the stage clutching the bag of mint chocolate chip cookies

my teacher approached me and told me to, quite plainly, “don’t let that drive and determination go.”

and, now, I didn’t. In fact, I want to do even more, which is why I created a Patreon page so people can see what I am up to and even donate to me to aid me in some of my many projects that I am taking on.

This page will also be the home of the Gaming Glimpse donate page when a few more things are sorted out, as well. It takes a lot of work managing a team and making sure that server space is good and costly and planning for our first magazine issue.

The gaming community needs a publication that will follow journalistic guidelines and even provide a glimpse into different facets of the gaming world. that’s what I will create. Why? Why not. I’ve created and helped with many other campaigns, as well, so why not do even more? Why not keep that drive flowing.

I chose to go the way of crowd sourcing for donations because, well, people can donate to whatever they want to donate to. that’s the beauty of it all.

so have a look at the link below and share if you wish! I wish it had an option to send cookies or chocolate, but they haven’t added that option yet. I’m thinking about tweeting them to ask them for that feature just in case Jay gives my chocolate away to someone else! Oh no! The horror!

The page link is https://www.patreon.com/blindwriter


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