I am back online!

I am totally shocked that I still have this many readers, especially after disappearing for a month. Well, good news, I am back online!

So far, I have 12 pieces of software to update, 2,876 emails to delete, an update to apply to my PS4, and 30 articles I have written that need to be published. Ironically, I think I have read more than anyone in the last year.

You all will read about everything that I did when all of the journal entries are edited and published. I missed voting for absentee voters registration, so I will have to go down there and vote on voting day, it seems.

I have a dozen news articles to read. Here’s a few things I’ve missed while offline this past month.

I haven’t quite dug into my RSS feeds yet so I am sure there’s a bundle that I am missing, so I will definitely get to reading!

Toodles peoples! Until next time!


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