Same-Sex Marriage, Americans with Disabilities & the Unintended Consequences of Refusing to Do Business

Until today I haven’t heard such a strong case regarding same sex discrimination. This has tot to be the most elegantly articulate essay I have ever read about same sex marriages and the practices of discrimination and the need to change. As a gay man I can’t harber enough praise for this essay, people should share this essay for many reasons, because of the message, because of the presentation, and because of the truth and so many more facets that you’d have to read the essay to find them all.

The Heart of Applebutter Hill

Since same-sex marriage became legal in Pennsylvania, most wedding-industry businesses have been welcoming to their new customers. Nevertheless, here in Northeast Pennsylvania, several stories of discrimination have fowled our local news. W.W. Bridal Boutique in Bloomsburg, Cake Pros Bakery in Schuylkill Haven and the Inne of the Abingtons in North Abington Township, Lackawanna County have all refused to serve gay couples in the name of Jesus. Currently, no Pennsylvania law prohibits this discrimination. The ACLU is fighting to change this, but why is it a legal issue to begin with?

The Right to Refuse to Do Business

Businesses have always had the right to refuse to serve certain customers. A bartender can deny yet another drink to a clearly intoxicated patron. Restaurants can enforce neutral dress codes – as long as they are applied equally to all; if the sign says you need a shirt with a collar, shoes or…

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