Cruising into travel writing in Chicago

It’s a bit of an odd feeling when you get an Email back with the go ahead to do an article that you have never done before. The feeling is one of a mixture of happy worry, wondering if you will royally botch up this assignment or doll out a vastly read article.

It takes me a while to react to the Email of acceptance. I sent in my pitch for the planet D blog, a travel blog, about reviewing hotels for accessibility. The article was slated to be a cut and dry “this hotel does this and that wrong or right!” not Including the kind of bubble baths that they give people.

The Email that comes back though, is something that I do not expect.

Hi Robert,

that definitely sounds like something that is up our alley but we have an idea. Since you’ve never been on a luxury anything, can you keep it a personal account? If you can keep it to more of a personal experience rather than a review that would be great. You can definitely write about what they do wrong and what they do right, but our audience really likes personal stories. So if you can make it about your experience and your challenges, successes etc that would be fabulous

Can you do this with other hotels too? Let’s make a series out of this!

Thanks for sending on the idea.

Here’s a link to our writing guidelines to help you out a bit.


I have to say, I never imagined going to hotels and writing about what it is like being there. The hotels and dates are below I believe this will be an interesting account, especially since any luxury thing I have ever had was my own bathroom in a house! This will certainly be an experience worth documenting, humorously. Why humorously? It makes people feel like they want to have a cookie and cookies are epic!

I’m a blind travel blogger! The blind travel blogger in Chicago! Well, OK, I can’t call myself that yet, but who knows! It could happen, like me winning the lottery or me working at the New York Times or the Tribune someday, wait, actually, those two will happen, partly because I’m really persistent. My hair is a testament to my unwaivering diligence.

Looks like I have another experience booster to add to my resume! I have never even thought about becoming a travel writer. Who knows, I will just write whatever pops into my head and see what happens! The hotels and dates are below.

Dana hotel and spa. (July 13 to 15)

the Peninsula (July 21)

the Hilton (August 5 to 7)

Looks like this will be the beginning of a new series! The blind journey? Kingett travels? I don’t know! I’m just pretty psyched that I get a chance to write about the hotels that I will be staying in!

I have already made a traveler tumblr page for the occasion.


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Robert W Kingett

Robert Kingett is a gay blind journalist, and author, with many publications in magazines, anthologies, and blogs. He has judged many writing contests and has won many awards for his writings and advocacy.

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