Samsung ships me a SMART TV for the blind

I have a few things to reveal today. The good thing for my readers who hate rants is that this will be a bit of a news update and speculation. The readers who wish for me to post pictures rather than words will be sorely disappointed, now and forever. The short reason why I don’t post pictures on my blog is because I don’t like using images to convey information. My words will be good enough, and even better than any picture I could take, and then some.

This is a news peace about me, and what Samsung has shipped me.

At about 8 PM my time I get an email from a Bill, also known as William, Foote, at Samsung. The email reads as follows.

Hi Robert,


Good news! We (finally) have a TV in house for testing. It’s a 50″

“Model 6400.” If you could let me know the shipping address and confirm

That now is an OK time to ship it out to you; I should be able to get it

Sent out tomorrow.





Naturally, I couldn’t type my reply fast enough. I gave him my address, and now I wait, in anticipation, wondering exactly, how I will make this work in my small apartment that’s about the size of a hotel room.

The TV that Samsung is sending me is a smart TV for the blind and the visually impaired. Bill and I have been in contact before. He had obviously kept my business card. I am totally stoked!

The smart TV I will be getting has a talking guide on it that will read what is on the screen, as well as various enhancements for low vision. I don’t know what they are because no details have been released about the TV yet so I will, literally, be operating this TV blind with no prior knowledge of the unit other than its required by law.

In 2010 Obama signed the 21st century communications and video accessibility act into law. While the immediate news of this law has been centralized around video description, also known as audio description, requiring TV stations and networks to provide the service. There’s a section in there that has not been covered by the media yet, except for a hint of it on the Verge, but the provision talks about hardware and software being accessible to the blind and the visually impaired.

The section talks about hardware related to communication, to and from. This means that TV’s apply as well as other items such as cell phones and the browsers on these accessible. All companies will have to make these kinds of devices accessible to us, and while I think it’s really pathetic that a law has to be passed in order for this to happen, I am glad that companies are finally being forced to do this because in the USA mainstream companies don’t cadre to the disabled unless forced to by law.

This TV by Samsung will comply with these regulations that, eventually, all electronic manufacturers will have to comply with.

A link is here.

The unit will, most likely, have a voice guide, one button access for features on the remote, the ability for high contrast, and even magnification. I am just going by what the provisions say in the act.

It will be really interesting to see what works about this TV and what the law expands into, as the ever moving FCC are still adding things to the law, and extending some wavers and such regarding technology. It will be very interesting to see how things work on the TV as well as software updates and such. The good thing is that I will never have to buy another TV again!

Samsung and Comcast are doing wonderful things by getting ahead of the law, mainly because it disproves my comment above somewhat, that companies won’t do it unless forced. Still though, not every big name has jumped on the bandwagon yet but they will have to. That’s a good thing. It’s a great thing actually. There are many epic things about this that are beyond exciting. A few are below!

This TV will update via the internet. I won’t have to buy a TV for a number of years! The thing will automatically update! This means that they will eventually get to every accessibility concern, if they don’t straight away.

The remote would be easy to use. Naturally, I am assuming that the remote would have really huge buttons on it, thus making it easier to use.

I get to see Denzel Washington on a 50-inch screen! There’s no question about it that Denzel is the sexiest black man ever to grace the planet. I will get to select movies he’s in in an accessible medium and then have my own Denzel Washington film shrine. Many people don’t see this as a good thing but they just don’t see the hotness oozing from him.

I get to cheat on Denzel Washington with very hot black sports players on a 50 inch! Make no mistake of it that I am an idiot when it comes to sports. At my table, whenever the topic comes up sports it takes me a while to figure out what season they are talking about and or, even, what sport. I don’t understand why straight people watch sports. I just don’t get it at all, but then again I have never claimed to be a sports person at all, but I will watch a hot black guy run up and down the field any day of the week. I just won’t watch him for long because, soon, I would want to touch him and then I would curse the TV for not having teleportation abilities, but I will still look. I’m allowed, anyway.

I wonder what kind of box it will arrive in, and I wonder if a collection of movies starring Denzel will also appear in the box. Hey, I can dream!

I am not sure where I will publish the review yet but the review won’t happen overnight. That’s because I’m very meticulous in testing and the like. I also have the inability to multitask which can be a hindrance on many time sensitive features but, at the same time, Samsung will be happy with my in depth coverage. It drives editors insane because they want to have the review out ASAP but the review will be thorough and I believe that’s a better read than something quick, timely, and possibly incorrect and or missing information altogether.

I also plan to have YouTube videos up of me demonstrating the TV when I can find someone to film me. Primarily, though, I will be blogging about using the TV but in small chunks, as I don’t want to give everything away until the big review that currently doesn’t have a home. I am wondering if access world would take it. You think?


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