Fred Phelps, gay hater, died finally! About time!

I just want to make a small blog post and rejoice for the death of a man who spewed hatred towards our veterans’ and LGBT people. Well, okay I’m not ACTUALLY promoting rejoicing the death of someone, but I honestly don’t give a flying fuck that he’s dead. On the family side of things, my heart definitely goes out to the families that lost a beloved member of their own but beyond that point I’m like I want to go out and celebrate, sort of. It’s cold in Chicago, so I think that I will stay inside and bug all the old people I live with, with random facts about assistive technology.

For those blog readers who don’t know, Fred Phelps Leader of Westboro Church, died today. He was 84.

Fred Phelps was a man of drive, and not to mention bigotry. He hated the LGBT populace, and he hated our veterans, manning up his churchgoers to make their lives utterly miserable by creating marches and statements such as Jesus hates gay people. I don’t have any definitive quotes, or any quotes that pertain to his hatred, but a quick YouTube search will show all that’s out in the open by way of news articles and the like.

Should we mourn him, though, since he spewed a lot of hatred towards our community? I’d personally shit on his grave, but then again, he was a human being even though he was an all-around dick. I don’t know if there’s going to be a funeral for him, but I don’t even want to waste my time looking it up.

It is a shame that he didn’t get any punishment for all the bullshit rallies that he’s done against gay people, but at least he isn’t on this earth anymore. As I have said, it sucks for the family, but beyond that I’m smiling from ear to ear. I don’t think he deserves a funeral, because his energy poured into hatred vitriol towards gay people all over the world, and when someone gives that much hatred, day in and day out, why should they get a memorial service honoring him? What has he done to be honored? Nothing. Why should we honor a man whose energy was in bashing people and rallying against them? Honoring, in my book, means you are positively toadying someone for whatever their beliefs were, and or are, as well as what they have done. If we are honoring him are we not honoring what he believes, thus slapping all gay people and gay allies in the face and saying we, as people, value what this man said even the hatred! Would we not be telling our society that we support this man’s hateful words and actions and do we really want to do that as a country? I would never do that; give someone an honorable mention when they have never deserved it. The media has acknowledged that he’s dead. That’s all that needs to happen.


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