Twitch TV, a Wii U, and other updates about everything

Well, seeing as how I feel like doing some writing instead of stuttering out some long-winded syllables, you guys are going to get an update about me and not another guest blog post! No offense to the people who do guest blog on here but eventually I have to give a long winded paragraph about what new blind thing I want to rant  about, news, or just some random whatever that spurts out of my brain into the vast recesses of the World Wide Web.

In the days that I have been letting guest bloggers dominate my space I have received several questions, which I will deem frequently asked questions. They came in utter hoards; in fact, I have an email filter that has an entire folder of questions and answers I haven’t given yet. LOL. I’ve been quite busy and now I have to devote time to my email and that’s not something that I can do straight away. I mostly read the bulk of emails two times a day, in the morning, usually before I have my usual hot tea, or at night, just before I lay in the bed and start reading a book about something fantasy related or otherwise. The questions that I have received for a while now have been the following.

When will you be live streaming on Twitch TV?

What sort of reviews are you working on now?

Have you asked about video game headsets as well?

Those were the top three questions… I shall answer them, finally! Huh?

Everything is going to kinda mesh into one answer even though the questions are different from one another because everything eventually bleeds around to this central point that I am working towards… and then some. It made sense in my head, I swear that it did.

The question about Twitch TV and about me live streaming is a simple one to answer. On the older generations I don’t have the needed equipment to stream with the older systems. The video game reviews and gameplay that pop up on my video game channel are just because I’m lucky enough to borrow equipment for a day.

With the new systems all of that stuff is built into the system so I don’t have to worry about wires and things like that. Everything is already built into the systems and I am sure that updates will follow to make it an even better experience for everyone… including my soon to be viewers. Many people tell me that the built in recorders don’t have the best video quality. I don’t know if it does or does not since I have seen only videos about setting it up on YouTube… and that kinda thing is so subjective that it would be useless to ask people if this Twitch broadcast capability is good quality, someone may say that it does and someone else may say the opposite. Even if it is not the highest quality I am happy to have support from Sony and all these other things to provide me with the tools that allow me to do what I want to do and what you all want to have me do.

A lot of people said that if I want to be taken seriously then I need to get some serious streaming equipment, and not use the built in capabilities of the next generation systems…. while I definitely share the desire to be taken seriously, especially if I am representing a minority, streaming is not going to be my biggest priority and I don’t want to make a living doing it. The written content will be the bulk of where I want to focus and the streaming will be like fun icing on top of the cake.

I will not start streaming until I have all of the consoles hooked up and ready to go and ready to perform. Why haven’t I done that yet? I’m waiting on a TV to arrive, which is already in the works. I won’t tell you all what kinda TV it is; you all will just have to wait with bated breath in eagerness and anticipation! I will tell you though that this will be the first ever-designed SMART TV for the blind and the visually impaired. I will be reviewing that as well, so stay tuned via my twitter feed for that review.

I do have a Twitch TV account though so start following me!

What reviews am I working on now?

That’s easy. Go to the link below and see. LOL.

That will tell you everything that I am working on and then some, and even where the reviews will be published! I was going to add news articles and magazine articles to the list but it soon became way too much for me to keep up and keep updated so, for now, it will hold reviews there. I will be reviewing new video games, video game demos, cell phones, TV’s, books, and even more!

Now, the last question, and possibly the most fun to answer!

I will actually be looking at reviewing headsets… and yes, the WII U as well as games! Nintendo have sent me the WII U deluxe edition… I don’t know if that has any streaming capabilities on it but if it does then I will definitely stream on that. If it does not then you all will just get the other system I have currently, the PS4. I have yet to get an Xbox 1 but I am definitely on Microsoft’s press list so I will get one soon.

I personally cannot wait to try Mario kart 8!

I do, however, have headsets that I need to review, Thanks to Plantronics. Plantronics has sent me the

Gamecom 780 gaming headset, and yes this will work on the consoles… I’ve seen YouTube videos of it working on consoles even though it’s a PC gaming headset. The only thing that I will be missing out on the consoles is the surround sound the headset has to offer. I don’t think that will detract from my evaluation of it… but just in case I will actually try it on a blind friendly game, a game that is very sound centric so that way I can test the surround sound on my old windows laptop and not cause a million hardware crashes with the instillation of a video game.

I sent some reviews, news articles, and magazine articles into editors this last week as well so that will appear shortly along with some neat goodies, such as demo reviews and much more! Wow. I sound like a really long press release that’s written in first person. Ah well! I have to keep you all updated somehow, right?

I’m very excited about what’s coming and I’m also very glad that summer is slowly coming to Chicago. The snow and I just don’t get along. I have a long history of cursing the snow every time my foot lands on the white patches of ice so I am sure the snow doesn’t want to see me as equally as I don’t want to see the snow.

So, writings will make their way to my twitter soon… I won’t do live streaming until I get the new consoles hooked up but I’m waiting on a TV to arrive so that way I can knock things out one after the other. Keep in touch with me on twitter, my screen name is @theblindwriter, and always eat chocolate cookies because they are good for you.

Just as a quick side note, I had an interview with a blogger from The Huffington Post a few weeks ago so I am psyched that my story will get to be on there! I will blog about that link when I get it. I have also submitted something to a Chicken Soup for the Soul book a few days back. Who knows, you all may see my name in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book soon! I’m so excited!