Blind dating winner of worst disability portrayal at Superfest

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I’m so very much excited! One of the films that I have nominated has been chosen as one of the worst portrayals of disability! Why did I choose this film? Because there’s just so much bad portrayal in this movie from beginning to end. Also, it’s not even all that funny.

Here’s the synopsis, all played by bad new actors that haven’t starred in another movie since. A blind man enters the world of dating with mixed success and lots of surprises. This movie was not released in theaters.

On October 12, 2013 Lighthouse for the Blind and the Paul K. Longmore Institute are hosting the hottest disability event of the fall, Superfest, the International Disability Film Festival. “Holler, heckle, and hoot as we watch the most cringe-worthy clips in disability film history!” the flyer says

So yeah, if you want to see the worst example of a blind man, go see this movie. I will be receiving a few things for choosing the winning film! I’m so excited about this but I’m very glad that we have come a long way in movies since then. You can order the DVD below.

Blind Dating


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Robert W Kingett

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