My thoughts on rating a video game

It was on a recent application that I was filling out for a reviewer position I saw the words reviewers must RATE their games on a scale of one to ten. Hmm, I mused, I wonder why.

Indeed, why do video game reviewers want to have you write down number ratings at the end of your reviews? I don’t understand how that makes the review better. In my mind, it actually makes the review worse and even worse still, definitive.

As a video game reviewer among other types of media I give my opinion and point of view on a number of things that I, myself, watch in a movie or play in a video game. Afterwards, I sit down and write down what I have seen and why I believe that what I’ve seen works and doesn’t work but I know in the house next to me, or even across Chicago, or even in a different state, someone is doing the exact same thing that I am doing.

When I read reviews, I actually hate looking at the number system that all websites seem to have with every review they publish. I don’t even bother with reading them half the time because the actual review holds all the information that I need, not some two out of 10 rating.

In a review the good is talked about and the bad is talked about as well. Sometimes it’s written well and sometimes it isn’t. That’s what I love about reviews though is that there are many different ways to watch a movie or play a video game and take something away from it. If someone places a rating on it then they are definitively telling us a score that I don’t think can’t be, and shouldn’t be, determined at all.

Even though applications say that they want to have me rate my stuff, I won’t do it because I believe that everything that can be reviewed can’t be squashed in a general rating system that’s going to be different with every person. Plus, it says with absolute that I liked or hated something. I believe that things have good qualities and bad ones as well and I want to write about them but I don’t want to put a final score on anything because that will be like sealing my fate. I refuse to do that. I wonder if there are others like me who share the same sentiment.

A video game can’t be defined by a rating. It’s the review that holds all the ratings, tightly crafted with sentences and explanations


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Robert W Kingett

Robert Kingett is a gay blind journalist, and author, with many publications in magazines, anthologies, and blogs. He has judged many writing contests and has won many awards for his writings and advocacy.

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