new video game feed and a bit of personal gay joy!

I believe that my twitter feed has become a beacon of ants, because I tweeted at 2:00 AM, or I should say my feed service did, and there were actually replies! Do you people ever sleep? LOL.

The tweet was about my latest video game feed changes. The site that I currently write for is changing domains, so that mans that I will be changing my feeds on twitter as well. Usually when this happens, usually my twitter feed gets pinged with past articles that people have already read before. I wonder if my twitter followers know they will be spammed shortly, smile.

Anyway, in case you are wondering why the new reviews are not showing up, anywhere, it’s because I haven’t updated everything yet but I’m working on it. The newest review on there is Kingett plays Batman part 1. There should be another review of a video game soon as well called God Mode, which I obtained from the publishers and then some. I’m sure that I will obtain even more as my gaming resume beefs up. LOL. You should see the post on LinkedIn!

Anyways, everyone should update their feed readers to

Hopefully this feed is here to stay. I have also updated the master archive with the new feed as well. Hopefully articles will start appearing. If not, go look at the feed yourselves and let me know via some method if it isn’t showing up in the archive.

By the way, oh my god! Classes are today! I’m currently sitting in star wars underwear as I’m brushing my hair, making sure that everything is ready for school, even my hair!

I’m also preparing for the interview with the Chicago tribune as well, beefing up my resume, as well as collecting god emails that people have said about me in the hopes that I don’t say something stupid while I’m in the interview.

On a more personal note… I met a guy! Kind of. When I say kind of, I mean we first met via a gay social network but he’s really nice and he’s a publicist! He’s single, and he understands what corpulent means! Oh my god! Him and I didn’t get a chance to talk today for very long because his cell phone got disconnected, but trust me, I believe he’s a keeper.

Well I have to split. I can hear harps in my head singing the tune this time tonight. It’s possibly because I’m thinking about him. I won’t say his name but he seems quite royal in my humble opinion. Smile. Hint hint. Jesus I think I’m smitten way too easily, but I say it’s about time that I finally got the icing on the cake with fudge chocolate skin. LOL.

I have to split before long because my hair isn’t cooperating with me at all. I can’t wait to get it cut. Yes, I’ll relay what happened today with classes and with my mystery speech teacher. I have a lot of writing coming up because Kingett Reads Fifty Shades of Grey is almost here! Just one more article to go after this and then I will be done!

On a last, random, note. I have 3,000 contacts on LinkedIn. Well at least whenever I need a recommendation I know that I’ll be flooded with them!


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Robert W Kingett

Robert Kingett is a gay blind journalist, and author, with many publications in magazines, anthologies, and blogs. He has judged many writing contests and has won many awards for his writings and advocacy.

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