The typewriter: my first horror story.

I’ve never done horror in my entire life. Well, I did but I don’t think that it’s my best work. I believe that the personal essay is my best work. Well, today, ironic of all days, on April fool’s day, I have published a horror story called the typewriter. The next one is in the works at the moment called cold revenge but at the moment I’ve only got one published. Smile. My writing archive has been updated as well so go check that out! Anyway, below will be the synopsis and a link to read the article. I’ll also embed the article here, neat huh! I’m amazing like that. Who knows, this was fun, perhaps I will start doing even more horror stuff when I get the chance to do so or when an actual idea of my own comes up again. It seems that all of the good horror ideas have been taken up by R. L. Stine. Or by Stephen King.

I want to tell you a bit about hold on this story came to be. I dreamed pretty much this entire story, and in the dream, I was sitting in a chair reading this to someone. I don’t want to give too much away because the ending of the dream is what inspired this story. If I tell you what the story is about the ending will be ruined. That’s the downside about short stories I guess, you have to just read them. So, without further dribble of the keyboard, I give you… The Typewriter.

Click this link to read it online.

And yes, I’ve included the table of contents. And yes, it’s in PDF. You really think I’m just going to let people take my work do you? The actual, entire, issue of Surreal Sub, where it was published in, can be downloaded here. (page 107)



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