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I’m finally doing a real life update for once, how about that people!

Aside from slogging through snow, quitting various positions at magazines to which I shall not name, and trying to actually find a husband, I’ve been making a few media appearances as well. First up to bat, it’s with NBC Chicago!

It’s not a feature on me. They were doing feedback about a play with audio description called A Light in the Dark, a dance performance about Helen Keller. For the first time a dance performance has audio description!

Below will be the video description and then the video.

Robert’s website:



The edited version of this interview was aired on NBC Chicago 5 on Friday, march 1.

Robert Kingett talks about audio description for the inspirational dance “A Light in the Dark.” The play is an inspirational showcase of the story of Helen Keller, performed entirely in dance. For the first time audio description opens up dance to the blind and visually impaired.


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Robert W Kingett

Robert Kingett is a gay blind journalist, and author, with many publications in magazines, anthologies, and blogs. He has judged many writing contests and has won many awards for his writings and advocacy.

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