Christmas crunching!

I don’t know what everyone is doing for the holidays, but, of course, I’ll be here at Friedman place! I won’t be Blogging about that until after the New Year. I hope that everyone survives the snow blizzard, if, any of my readers reside in Chicago. There’s many new links on the blog so I would go check them out as soon as possible. That way you all will be kept busy while I have fun doing all kinds of things, I am sure. I’m eager to see snow! Having lived in if all my life, I’ve never seen a giant mound of snow! Oh my god! I don’t know how to make snow angels! I hope someone will teach me sometime, smirk. I’ll be making changes to the blog itself as the winter goes on, but the good thing is that all my services are automated so all I have to do is embed a code and just go on about my business and everything gets updated! Yay! By the way, walking in a huge metro city is nothing at all like walking down the street in Saint Augustine FL, for example, but I’ll I will write in here later about that. Now, I’m tired, and I want to get some reading in. I did manage to travel all the way to the Chase bank today and that was an experience that I will definitely blog about. I just won’t blog about it until after the holidays! My calendar is all filled up with neat things coming up in January though… it’s on the blog now along with some other stuff. Go check that out!

I got some Christmas gifts and I gave some, but then again I guess that’s how Christmas goes, right? LOL. I will start Blogging again after the New Year. This should be fun so stay tuned everyone!

By the way, I bought an adapter, so I’ll be back to playing the Xbox in a few days. If you want to add me, my links and contact methods are on the page that says about Robert Kingett.

Happy holidays!


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Robert Kingett is a gay blind journalist, and author, with many publications in magazines, anthologies, and blogs. He has judged many writing contests and has won many awards for his writings and advocacy.

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